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What we do

What we do

We love to create engaging learning resources and deliver learning experiences that educate and empower spa and wellness professionals to thrive.

We’re big believers in the blended learning approach and as such we strive to really bring learning to life, both online and face to face, through a variety of mediums from video and webinars to workshops and workbooks.

Everything we do focuses around helping you drive your productivity, profitability and performance.

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We’re specialists in business building and leadership and as such we have a range of proven bite-size business boosters, masterclasses and high intensity accelerator programmes to help you thrive. Whether you have just a few minutes a week or want to submerge yourself in learning we can help you to be the difference in the most authentic way for you.

You can also now subscribe yourself, an aspiring manager in your team or your account to our new Management Development Business Booster Box.

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With the support of a full digital team, Spa Business School can work with you to create a range of learning and development resources specifically for your business or brands needs.

Whether you want to convert that 600 page manual in to something a little more dynamic. Get help reducing your face to face training in to a more profitable blended lending format or launch your very own learning platform to make it easier for your employees and clients to connect with one another and all your standard operating policies, protocols and procedures. We can help.

Take a browse through some of our options or contact us to have a chat about how we can best help you right now.

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