How much profit do you want to make?

How much profit do you want to make?

Wednesday 4th October 2017

By Michelle Hammond

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers and customers that bring friends with them”

– W.Edward Demis

So why is it that asking for ‘referrals’ and leading our guests proactively to ‘rebook’ is still not common place?

In fact, let me ask you the question:
“When was the last time you asked a client to recommend a friend or family member that they thought would also benefit from your services, facilities and experiences?”

If like most professionals we asked recently within spas, resorts, clubs, salons and clinics…the answer is most likely to be never, not recently or at best very inconsistently!

Well some of the answers we got when we asked ‘Why not?” to our professionals, was very interesting indeed.

Let’s take a little look at some…

  • ‘I just don’t think about it’
  • ‘It makes me feel uncomfortable’
  • ‘I worry they’ll think i’m trying to sell or be pushy’
  • ‘I think if they’re going to refer they’ll do it anyway’
  • ‘I don’t think it works / Is my place or my job’

It’s crazy really isn’t it. I mean here is a client – a physical person stood in front of you. Someone who’s chosen to buy from you, has joined you as a member, or elected to experience what you offer. A client actively choosing to spend their hard earned cash with YOU… an increasingly competitive and crowded market place, and yet you don’t ask them the simplest of questions?

“Is there anyone you could recommend, just like you, that would also benefit from or enjoy our services, facilities and / or experiences”

Someone recently said to me; “Oh i no but i hate to hear NO, and would feel awkward if they said they didn’t want to recommend anyone or couldn’t for whatever reason’. Yet, she proceeded to ask me if i wanted a coffee, of which i said ‘no thanks’, without her battering an eyelid or feeling uncomfortable!!

If it makes you feel more comfortable or motivated link a reward or incentive for each ‘converted’ referred guest. You could even allocate points that the ‘referrer’ can redeem against services, products, or experiences of their choice.

To help get your team consistent, add a little competition to highlight the importance of asking for referrals and recognise and reward the individuals that take action most consistently.

Remember, reward and recognise what matters, and getting clients to recommend and refer you and your business matters if you want to build a truly brilliant business.

Make it a mission this week to ‘reach out’ and make it happen! After all, you know the saying ‘If you don’t ask, you won’t get’.


And how about getting our clients to ‘Rebook’

….There is still such resistance amidst many therapists and receptionsists to simply and proactively take the lead when it comes to getting our clients back.

As most of us take pride in being treatment led providers, it makes little sense that we don’t make scheduling our clients next service or experience with us, before they leave, the highest priority.

If done well all our guests should be checking out with a personal prescription. A personal guide that shows and tells them ‘what’s next’ in the quest to bring about their desired outcomes and objectives. It’s the essence of being a professional and the difference of being somewhere that is committed to engaging their clients and helping them achieve real results.

Like with referrals, we can often make it complicated when in fact it need be as simple as a statement or question. Such as:
“I’ve scheduled your next treatment for the same day and time next week / month. Is that ok OR does that work?” or you could even say: “Let’s get you rebooked for the next treatment or service we discussed. What time next week / month will work best for you?”

It’s not a hard sell. It’s simply a question. A little question that packs a mighty punch and guarantees to make the world of difference.
Get your clients engaged and active. Reach out today and ensure no client leaves without being asked to rebook or offered a specific rebooked date and time.

Share your rebook and referral tips, tricks and insights with your fellow professionals over on our Facebook page.


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