Life in Lockdown with John Holman.

Life in Lockdown with John Holman.

Friday 22nd May 2020

By Michelle Hammond

Our new 'Life in Lockdown' zoom series focused on learning more about the individuals behind the brands and businesses we love.

Our first session was with the fabulous massage master that is John Holman. John runs his own successful clinic in Thame. Is M.D of a massage system he developed called Hydrotherm revered by therapists worldwide. Is the Director of Massage training for The Massage Company and board director to the newly formed SATCC.

Watch to learn why one of John's clients gifted him £25k!. What the focus of the book he has inside of him is about - that I know we'll all want to pre-order. What the craziest thing he's done in lockdown is and to see his alter-ego! don't want to miss it.

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