Successful social media in seconds

Successful social media in seconds

Tuesday 7th November 2017

By Michelle Hammond

Almost everyone in the modern world is, or has been a member of a social media site – which is why social media has quickly become a vital marketing tool for any successful business. There is now a wealth of social media platforms with a daily reach of millions meaning incorporating social media into your marketing strategy is vital if you want your business to thrive in an increasingly digital age.

With such a wide range of social media platforms, all appealing to different markets, it can be tricky to know how to get the best response without needing to sit at a computer for hours. It is easy to get lost among the hashtags, stories, snaps and tweets; wasting your valuable time as you attempt to connect to your target market. Here, we show you how to succeed at social media, without having to spend your life posting.

Tips and tricks

Choose your platform/s carefully

A good starting point is to focus on one or two social media platforms. It is much more economical to concentrate on becoming a pro at a couple of sites rather than trying to cover all platforms and risking making a bad impression. 

Consider if you would benefit from a networking site, such as LinkedIn or Facebook, where you can connect with your customers and suppliers, or if you would benefit from a social platform such as YouTube which you can use to provide information and expertise? Choose which route will serve you best and grow your reach here before reaching out to other platforms.

Link your posts

Many social media platforms can be linked together so that you only need to put together one post and with a few clicks it can be shared across multiple sites. For example, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all give you the option to share you post on the other sites so you can maximise your reach while saving yourself time. However, remember to check for responses on each platform. To be truly active on social media, you have to respond to your audience as well as putting your own messages out there. You also need to be aware of your tone of voice for each audience and ensure you’ve done your ground work on this first, both inline with your brand voice and the audiences that are engaging with you on the individual social platforms.

Schedule your posts

There are several different services that help you schedule your posts for the week – including Buffer and Hootsuite - allowing you to spend less time through the week. Simply sit down at your computer for a short time once a week, and you can put the week’s posts in, ready to go out at the times you know your clients will be looking at their social media apps.


Images are a great way to grab attention across social media. As people scrawl past multiple posts, a large and bold image can catch the eye. As the saying goes; “a picture speaks a thousand words” and often you can use an image to convey a message much quicker and more effectively than typing out a wordy post. Think before and after posts, pictures of new treatments, or special offer graphics. Posted in a flash, they can really help make an impact.


It is a good idea to identify other brands or pages with a similar client base to the one you are aiming for and approach them to see if they would be interested in collaborating. Offers and competitions run between pages are an excellent way to spread awareness of your brand within a pre-existing customer base- saving you the leg work of gathering all the followers and fans yourself.

Social media can be your best friend when it comes to marketing- it is quick, easy and free to start so there is no excuse not to give it a go.

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