Taking 10 with...Belgin Aksoy

Taking 10 with...Belgin Aksoy

Sunday 9th June 2019

By Michelle Hammond

Q1 - How did your childhood influence your work ethic and attitude towards

Starting from age 12, I always worked in summer either helping my dad who was
in the textile business back in the day, or selling books, home-made lemonade or
cakes on the street. It felt so good to make money and play in the grown-ups world. Taking responsibility gave me a truthful and disciplined work ethic at an early age.

Q2 - What do you believe the principles of a successful business are today?

Sincerity, honesty, love, discipline and hard work.

Q3 - Looking back, what was your best business decision?

Closing my eyes and ears and listening to my heart.

Q4 -  Who has influenced you the most through your career?  

My dad for sure! He is a self-made man with solid work-ethics and love for life. He
started working at the age of 12 and quit working when he was 55 and sailed off
for his world tour, I respect that. He is 70 today and he just walked in from his
pilates class.

Q5 - What was your most difficult / worst business decision?

We organized a 1 week press trip to Richmond Hotels for American journalists in
2014. I thought it was a great idea to organize the trip in a way that the last day
would coincide with (Global) Wellness Day and it would be nice, fun day for the
journalists. I could have never imagined that Global Wellness Day would have
bigger coverage than Richmond Hotels. I was mad at myself for taking a wrong
decision, at the end the trip was paid with hotel’s budget. Little did I know that
this decision led to an interview at the huffington post https://www.google.com.tr/amp/s/www.huffpost.com/entry/we-need-a-global-wellness_b_5544612/amp had so much impact and that was the beginning of Wellness Day becoming Global Wellness Day. (150+ countries today)

Q6 - What would you say was the single most advantageous character trait for

If you are asking for the single most... I would say honesty.

Q7 - What happens when you’re stressed or overwhelmed?

I try to be gentle and kind to myself and I tend to take a break from whatever I’m
doing and try to balance my inner peace with a short breathing exercise using
essential oils.

Q8 - How do you invest in your own wellbeing? How do you look after yourself?

I love getting up early in the morning. It is now scientifically proven that a good
quality sleep is very important, especially sleeping in a dark room between 10.00
pm and 3.00 am helps regenerate cells and releases the growth hormone.

Early in the morning I do 40 minutes of cardio on an empty stomach and then 15
minutes of quiet time for self-reflection, the most precious moments of my day.
When we reflect and listen to ourselves, we may be disturbed by the things we
hear and run away, but it is not possible to solve anything without confronting

I’ve been feeding vegan for 2 years and 90 % of the time I do not consume
packaged, processed food or refined sugar. I prefer dates, prunes or dried figs. After a colorful breakfast, I go to the office which is like my second home, because I truly love what I do.

I use natural and organic products for my skincare routine, drink lots of water and
herbal teas.

I have a life, in which there is definitely room for exercise and time for myself,
and I don't consider spending time for myself as a luxury. If I’m not well then I’m
of no use to anyone. I love having time with my family and friends. I stay away
from sugar-coated fakeness and cherish real, pure hearts and souls.

At home instead of watching TV, I prefer to spend most of my time with my son or
reading a book.

Q9 - If you could change one thing about the spa and wellness industry what would it be and why?

I would take the word ‘spa’ away from ‘wellness’. Because it has been giving the
wrong message to the world over the years. The word ‘wellness’ has the
misconception that, it is a luxury and it is only for the elite because for many, if
you can go to a spa that means you can afford it. Where as I’m a strong advocate of the idea that wellness is not a luxury but a necessity, the fundamental right of every individual. Wellness, for me is a whole; physical, mental and emotional well-being, the process of self-discovery, the balance of the body and the soul. Wellness is the quality of life. Wellness reflects how we look, how we feel, and how we relate to our surroundings. Wellness is looking in the mirror and being happy with what you see, being kind to yourself and to others. Respecting yourself and your environment. Wellness is self-responsibility and not allowing others to decide for you. With Global Wellness Day this is the message we are spreading to the world.

Q10 - Finally, What’s your favourite quote or the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Oh easy, the motto of Global Wellness Day: One day can change your whole life.
(Mine for sure changed in one day)

1. What’s your favourite book?

The grapes of Wrath, John Steinback.

2. What’s your favourite film of all time?

When a man loves a woman

3. If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, I would ask him how he was able write messages that
would still make sense to future generations.

4. You get taken to your favourite place to be, where are you taken?

Trekking field

5. Your perfect dinner is?

By the water, breeze on my face, my loved ones beside me and a rainbow of
vegetables on my plate.

6. Your go to drink is?

Water, always water.

7. Your favourite sweet treat is?

Vegan chocolates

8. What are your favourite essential oil / scent?

Lavender, I love the scent and it puts me in a calm mood.

9. You go for a treatment - what do you have and why?

Foot Reflexology, because it’s practical and quickest way for me to reboost.

10. What’s your favourite flower?


11. You want to sleep deeply, what do you do?

Take a warm shower, do a few minutes of breathing exercises and put a few drops
of lavender oil on my pillow.

12. You want to energise fast, what do you do?

I do a very quick cardio. It gets me energised and focused.

13. The theme tune to your life is?

Feel, Robbie Williams

14. What makes you laugh to your belly?

My friend Ebru

15. What’s your favourite season?


16. What’s your favourite colour?

Mint green

17. Your favourite time of day is?

Mornings. I love getting up early and getting a head start to the day.

18. If you could have been anyone or anything else, what / who would you

A lion or an eagle

19. What’s your current TV guilty secret?

Don’t have one

20. Magic dust - you can learn one new skill instantly, what is it?

Playing the piano

Belgin Aksoy received her degree from Institute Hotelier Cesar Ritz in Switzerland. She has been in the tourism and hotel industry for 23 years. Her mission is to create a
physically, mentally and spiritually better world for years to come. With 13 years in the wellness industry, Belgin Aksoy is the founder of Global Wellness Day. In 2016, the Global Wellness Summit honored her with the "Leading Woman in Wellness"  award, and in the same year, she also won the "Most Influential Spa Leader" award by American Spa. She is the owner of the award-winning pioneer wellness/spa brand of Turkey, Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa.

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