Taking 10 with...Helena Field

Taking 10 with...Helena Field

Sunday 6th January 2019

By Michelle Hammond

Q1 - How did your childhood influence your work ethic and attitude towards business?

Both my parents instilled me with a strong work ethic and they encouraged me to make my own choices of what my vocation would be. At the age of 15 I got a summer job working at a radio station and then between the ages of 16-18 I worked most evenings as a waitress, I loved the fact I had financial independence but more importantly enjoyed meeting people and keeping busy. I didn’t go to university as I felt ready to pursue my dreams and instead embarked on my career in Spa and Wellness at the age of 18.

Q2 - What do you believe the principles of a successful business
are today?

Businesses are the offspring of the people running them. A positive company culture that motivates its staff and brings joy to its customer is what’s required. Structure and methodical planning are vital to success and the ability to transition with changing
times and maintain a fresh approach.

Q3 - Looking back, what was your best business decision?

Launching my own business this last year has been my best decision, a culmination of all my years in Spa has lead to this point and having the courage to take the leap has been liberating.

Q4 - Who has influenced you the most through your career?

I have worked with so many people over the years that have influenced my career. Tracey Woodward (recent CEO of Aromatherapy Associates) gave me my first big break in Spa and I admire her tremendously. The Spa division at Mandarin Oriental were influential to me as they take a particular approach to spa that I found humbling; the experience opened my eyes to a new way of positioning spa. In recent years working with the UK Spa Association I have been blessed to meet so many incredible industry professionals who inspired and influenced me daily. I take particular strength from all the women in our industry thriving in their own lanes and supporting one another along the way.

Q5 - What was your most difficult / worst business decision?

I once made a mis-judgement and moved out of the Spa Industry to work for a small clinic business. I knew almost immediately that I had made the wrong decision as I recognised I had lost the things that I most loved about Spa, the holistic approach, the unique environments and the way in which only Spas can help people.

Q6 - What would you say was the single most advantageous character trait for success?

Integrity, without hesitation what I look for in others and I admire in myself. Honesty, decency and fairness will always breed success.

Q7 - What happens when you’re stressed or overwhelmed?

I stop, take a deep breath, walk away and recoup. Usually a dog walk, sleep and some quiet time will restore my equilibrium.

Q8 - How do you invest in your own wellbeing. How do you look after yourself?

I used to underestimate the importance of sleep, I can now only function on full cylinders if I have had sufficient sleep. Fresh air in the form of walking my dog is also vital to me daily and I need quality conversations and laughter as much as possible to keep my spirits up and to live my best life.

Q9 - If you could change one thing about the spa and wellness industry what would it be and why?

I want the hotel industry, which houses the majority of Spas in the UK, to recognize the hard work and contribution of the Spa Operators. There is still a huge lack of willingness from many Hoteliers to take the time to understand the value of a Spa and why their Spa Manager/Director is absolutely vital to their operation and should be valued as such.

Q10 - Finally, What’s your favourite quote or the best advice you’ve ever been given?

From my mother - Pay it forward with kindness…


1. What’s your favourite book? 

Wuthering Heights

2. What’s your favourite film of all time?

Gone with the Wind

3. If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, who
would it be and why? 

The Queen who I hugely admire for her sheer dedication to her vocation and her country.

4. You get taken to your favourite place to be, where are you taken?

To sit by the sea in Cornwall

5. Your perfect dinner is? 

Roast dinner with friends and family

6. Your go to drink is? 

Red wine

7. Your favourite sweet treat is? 

Mum’s homemade coffee cake with butter icing!

8. What’s your favourite essential oil / scent? 

Rose – I recently treated myself to Jo Malones Velvet Rose & Oud and I’m in love!

9. You go for a treatment - what do you have and why?

Massage, my absolute favourite to keep my body in check

10.What’s your favourite flower?


11.You want to sleep deeply, what do you do?

A bath with deep relax bath oil by Aromatherapy Associates and blackout blinds!

12.You want to energise fast, what do you do?

A brisk walk with my dog or dance around the house!

13.The theme tune to your life is?

‘Don’t stop me now’ Queen

14.What makes you laugh to your belly?

My beautiful nieces who are 3 and 8, they say and do the funniest things and always

make me laugh!

15.What’s your favourite season?


16. What’s your favourite colour?


17. Your favourite time of day is?

Evening, time to unwind

18. If you could have been anyone or anything else, what / who
would you be?

Starred in Musical Theatre - unfortunately you need to be able to sing and dance for that!

19. What’s your current TV guilty secret?


20. Magic dust - you can learn one new skill instantly, what is it?

To be able to dance like a pro!

Helena Field, has been lucky enough to have an exciting and varied career in Spa, Beauty and Fitness. Having gained professional qualifications in massage and fitness, Helena started her working life in gyms, quickly moving up the career ladder to management, where she had her first exposure to recruitment and the challenges facing candidates and leaders alike.

As with so many from the industry, she chose to broaden her skills and experiences, which took her into the spa and beauty sectors. She has gone on to manage internationally recognised and highly respected luxury spas, including: The Refinery in Harrods, Danesfield House Spa in Buckinghamshire, Pennyhill Park Spa in Surrey and finally the Mandarin Oriental Spa, Hyde Park London. Her most recent
position has been as General Manager of the UK Spa Association, a not-for-profit trade association supporting the industry in the UK and representing UK interests internationally. Helena has since set up a Job Listing site specializing in Spa and serving the global Spa community. SpaPulse.com was launched in July 2018 and it is Helena’s wish to connect like-minded professionals and help launch/advance their
careers in this rewarding and rapidly expanding industry.

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