Taking 10 with...Sally Curson

Taking 10 with...Sally Curson

Sunday 22nd April 2018

By Michelle Hammond

Q1 - How did your childhood influence your work ethic and attitude towards business?

I had a wonderful mother who believed anyone could achieve whatever they wished and who worked incredibly hard herself. In her late 50’s she decided to start her own business – which 40 years ago was almost unheard of. She was fearless!

Q2 - What do you believe the principles of a successful business
are today?

Self belief. Kindness. Bow to greater knowledge. And when you’ve finished the 9-5 you have to begin the 5-9 (absolutely on a start-up). Integrity is key. We all only really want to work with people we like. And love what you do so that it is a life choice not

Q3 - Looking back, what was your best business decision?

Trusting my instinct. Meeting a total stranger for a coffee who introduced me to my current business partners.

Q4 - Who has influenced you the most through your career?

So many people at different times and stages, impossible to pick only one.

Q5 - What was your most difficult / worst business decision?

Over-purchasing components which tied up cashflow – hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Q6 - What would you say was the single most advantageous character trait for success?

Stubborn determination.

Q7 - What happens when you’re stressed or overwhelmed?

Brain fog. Can’t focus or concentrate productively at all.

Q8 - How do you invest in your own wellbeing. How do you look after yourself?

I’ve recently taken up yoga. Without being a bore it truly is life changing and strengthens the mind and soul as well as the body. And I am extremely fortunate to live in the beautiful Hampshire countryside and so long walks are vital to me both emotionally and physically.

Q9 - If you could change one thing about the spa and wellness
industry what would it be and why?

As with any industry it tends to be flooded with the giant brands. Give the little guys a chance. We can offer excellent results, incentives and service too.

Q10 - Finally, What’s your favourite quote or the best advice
you’ve ever been given?

'To thine own self be true'.


1. What’s your favourite book?

Jane Eyre

2. What’s your favourite film of all time?

Shawshank Redemption

3. If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why? 

Ooooh. Parents as they would be so proud of what my children and I have achieved but also Elizabeth Arden – for obvious reasons.

4. You get taken to your favourite place to be, where are you taken?


5. Your perfect dinner is? 

Fillet steak with Roquefort and an imaginative salad.

6. Your go to drink is? 


7. Your favourite sweet treat is? 

Big fat juicy dates

8. What’s your favourite essential oil / scent? 


9. You go for a treatment - what do you have and why?

Pedicure. I’ve got a dodgy lower back so it’s tricky to do my own and for some irrational reason having pretty toes makes me happy.

10. What’s your favourite flower?

White roses

11.You want to sleep deeply, what do you do?

No alcohol. Hot shower. Herbal tea. Early night. Good chicklit book that I don’t
have to think about.

12.You want to energise fast, what do you do?

Drink a large glass of ice cold water. Run cold water on my wrist pulse points
and do some quick yoga breaths.

13.The theme tune to your life is?

That’s Life. Sinatra.

14.What makes you laugh to your belly?

Micky Flanagan. Ab Fab. Vicar of Dibly

15.What’s your favourite season?


16. What’s your favourite colour?


17. Your favourite time of day is?

Depends on the season. In winter then late pm, getting dark = lighting candles, fairy lights and furry throws. In Summer then mid morning.

18. If you could have been anyone or anything else, what / who
would you be?

Debbie Harry

19. What’s your current TV guilty secret?

Frankie and Grace.
20. Magic dust - you can learn one new skill instantly, what is it?

To sing like Adele.

I have been a therapist in the beauty industry for 30 years. I launched Face Matters in 2014 after suffering from severe stress related rosacea. I didn’t want to be dependent on steroid creams and anti-biotics long term and so began researching ingredients. Combining botanical oils with organic mineral silica into a facial blend completely relieved my rosacea. At this point my treatment rooms were based at the beautiful Long Barn in Alresford and after seeing such spectacular results on my own skin I began experimenting on my very willing client base of ladies in Hampshire – the results were astonishing. It was never my intention to own a skincare brand but serendipity lent a hand and taking very slow baby steps, Face Matters was born. The brand has won 3 awards to date and we are extremely excited with our plans for 2018 as we move forward with Tracy Hastain (Wentworth Consulting) and Becky Daley (Digital Eaze Ltd).

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